Opt for the cheaper offers with used hot tubs for sale

All renovated spas and hot tubs sold on our website are tested for water, heaters and electrical components, along with refurbishment of the exterior cabinet. Our used hot tubs are good-as-new once the refurbishing process is complete. You can discover precisely what you want at a cost that you can afford. Buying the incorrect pre-owned hot tub, however, can be costly. Hot tubs not properly cared for can create faults and have a shorter life span. So if you're in a second-hand hot tub on the market, here's what to look for

The brand and age of the used hot tub

The age of the spa may not affect how well it works if it is well looked after, but it is important to check if there are still parts and accessories available for the model you are looking at. You will need to substitute the filter on a regular basis, for instance, so find out if you can still get one that suits the model. Also worth investigating is the hot tub brand. Reliability is particularly crucial when you buy a used hot tub and you may find it more difficult to obtain parts and specialist service for obscure products

Put your confidence in the experts

When searching for a used hot tub, it is always best to purchase from a trusted business as they will guarantee that the hot tub is in a very good working condition before selling to the general public, they will also guarantee that you are conscious of any minor damage (if any) through their images on their website.

Ownership costs

While it may be cheaper to purchase a used bathroom, make sure you choose an energy-efficient model. It will cost much more to heat up and operate non-insulated tubes than those that use the recent technology. That why there is always the availability of used hot tubs for sale.


Does the hot tub you buy have any kind of warranty or are you going to be out of the loop if a fault arises?


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