Looking for a boat rental for a certain period of time ?

Renting a boat will allow you to discover all the treasures of the islands and enjoy the Mediterranean.Motorboat, sailboat, ideal for walking, fishing or swimming, but also boat without license, Jet Ski, paddle and windsurfing: Band of Boats will offer boats adapted to all desires and all budgets. Like weekly boat rentals, some day rentals will include the presence of a skipper on board, for inexperienced holidaymakers who want to enjoy this special moment.

You have a choice among a wide selection of boat

Band of boats allows you to do your research on a single platform that centralizes a wide choice of boats, which ensures you an optimal quality of service and gives you access to the best deals. Navigate according to your desires, your means and in all simplicity.

In no time, fill in your preferred criteria and choose from 16,000 boat proposals to rent, with the help of advisers and user reviews. Nothing is better than planning your vacation in one click. So make your reservation and go for a ride at sea!

Sail or engine?

Both, my captain! The platform makes it possible to experience both types of navigation. This is an interesting test for those who are considering buying a boat later. In both cases, a very large panel of boats awaits boaters with one of the greatest weekly sailing offers, accompanied or not, by a skipper.

Band of Boats provides the market value of the boat

The platform accompanies and advises its customers in their expectations through personalized services. If there is no specific model in mind, the site, with its expertise and knowledge of the market, focuses on the most suitable boat, thanks to relevant criteria of use: fishing, water skiing, high comfort etc...

It offers a space of exchange by allowing joining the community to consult opinions, to share its experiment. It indicates the "Smart Value’’.

For boat rental, the site has positioned itself in a few months at the height of the offer of the market leaders.

Book your rental in ... 3 clicks only!

Connected to a network of professionals, the startup, allows consulting prices and live availabilities. It is thus possible to book for a boat for the week and soon to the day, in 3 clicks, guided by the online advice of Band of Boats experts.


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