Getting the most out of a jacuzzi bathtub from home

A whirlpool bath offers a moment of intense relaxation while staying at home. Balneotherapy is a therapy for which the skin is totally or partially immersed in a water bath.

A range of hydromassage

Balneotherapy treatments are inviting at home, with baths or whirlpool showers. Balneo baths also offer other programs such as: chromotherapy: colour therapy and music therapy: relaxing sound programs during the bath. People suffering from joint pain or blood circulation problems will see their symptoms diminish thanks to the mechanical effect of the jets of water on the body. But the spa bath is mostly used at home for moments of pure relaxation. The water is heated in the bathtub, which allows to obtain the same sensations as during a cure. The advantage is that the whirlpool bath is close at hand. Different marine products can be added to the bath water to bring benefits. There is not one, but several types of massages! Depending on the system, but also the number of nozzles, their effect (rotating jet, turbo, draining action, etc.) and their position in the bathtub.

A moment of relaxation under Balneo

The jacuzzi bathtub can remind you of the pleasure of massage in the water. No bigger than a classic bath, it sits in the recesses of the pond to bring a little more to the traditional bath. The compressed air system in the water of your bath results in a massage that reduces the state of stress, promotes sleep, offers the virtues of lymphatic drainage and helps fight against cellulite. The water system by the nozzles is located on the sides and massage laterally by projecting water, stimulates the body and blood circulation, promotes muscle relaxation and cleanses the skin. The mixed air and water system adopt a mixed system that combines them. You will be able to alternate between relaxing massage and toning massage.

Some models offer pre-recorded massage programs. Other devices allow you to create a completely personalized program.


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