Find great offers for your hot tub for sale

Believe it or not, social media outlets aren’t just for posting vacation pictures and making people feel uncomfortable with your political rants. It’s been proven time and time again that these social vehicles can also help you sell more products and improve customer engagement, which can set you up for improved sales in years to come. But no matter what type of content you choose to post or how you choose to promote it or sale, the most important outcome is arguably generating leads.

Trade it into a Spa dealer

Like the trade-in value of a car, you’ll get much less than if you sold it on your own. But for those looking for a turnkey solution, having them pluck out the old and slap a new one in place all in one day, is nice. Average trade in value for a 10 year old spa could be $1000, and maybe only $500. Sometimes it’s just free removal, with no trade-in value, so be sure to check for all the details.

Sell it to Friends or Family

This can be a fast way to sell a tub, such that there will be no need posting hot tub for sale anywhere especially for friends or family that have enjoyed your tub in the past. However, you’ll want to be nice on the price, won’t you? The neighbour that’s always commenting on the hot tub, he or she could be a good candidate. Pick some targets and approach them with an offer to join you and millions of other Hot Tub enthusiasts!

Sell it on Craigslist

Optimize your ad for best results. Put in spa gallons, size dimensions and equipment data, number of jets, features and accessories. Exact mark and model information and Spa Pak Controller information. Age and condition of spa cover and cover lifter. Note any blemishes or leaks in the plumbing. Note any recent repairs or new equipment you’ve replaced. If you can offer delivery on a trailer for a fee, list that in the ad, otherwise tell them the spa or hot tub is cash and carry. Also know that the more detail you put into the ad, the better response you can get. If you can find the manufacturer model brochure or information online, you can post their specs, details and features. Images are also very important too.


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