Installing a spa

Steps for installation

You can choose between indoor jacuzzi and outdoor jacuzzi. Depending on your preference or depending on whether your space allows it, you choose a location above all. Only, that the place must facilitate and allow the installation of electrical and plumbing. In case you have decided indoors, make sure your slab or floor will support the weight of the spa when fully loaded. The room must also be ventilated and above all easy to access.

How to maintain your spa?

There are two reasons for performing regular hot tub maintenance: one to preserve water quality, and the other to ensure spa durability. Chemicals are used to keep good quality water, such as bromine or lithium based solutions. They are not aggressive to the skin and eliminate all impurities and mold. Many devices also allow you to test the water, you will have to do it frequently.

The same is true for certain components such as the filtration system for example. It needs to be taken care of or replaced often to ensure good water quality. The shell also needs to be maintained. To do this, simply review the documents that your manufacturer makes available to you.

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