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Do you intend to travel to Seattle soon? Would you like to have some information about the city? Have you planned a road-trip with a stop in Washington state? Do you want to discover the city of Seattle? So welcome on our specialized website !

What to visit?

The main tourist place in Seattle is the Space Needle obviously: this well-known futuristic-looking tower 603 feet high houses a restaurant in the last ground, but also a museum and souvenirs stores as well. Around the tower, you will be able to visit the experience music project: this huge building is mainly dedicated to pop music, but is also houses a museum, a cultural center and a concert hall as well. You will especially be allowed to discover or learn more about Nirvana, the famous music band which comes from Seattle.


Seattle bay is one of the most dramatic in the world: so it is a very nice opportunity to take the boat to gaze at the city from the sea. Then you will be able to go wandering into the market of the city: you will enjoy the smells of flowerd and fresh fishes or sea fruits as well. The city also houses a historical neighbourhood, which is called Pioneer Square: you will enjoy its famous red bricks buildings, which were tipical during the industrial revolution. You should also take the opportunity to have a break at one of the donuts stores: just sit and taste these delicious fried sweet pastries that are even better with a good coffee cup. Finally enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the bay, against a backdrop of flourishing vegetation.


Because we perfectly know it is important to be well informed in advance to prepare your travel at best, we gathered on our website all the useful information you may need for your stay: time difference, selection of hotels, airport location and so on... You will know everything!

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